Scrollwork publication

Hypoestes, pigment print

Scrollwork detail

Scrollwork exhibition view


Exhibition at 21er Raum im 21er Haus, 2012−2013

"The exhibition Scrollwork by Constanze Schweiger revolves around various aesthetic phenomena related to painting, fashion and social ties. The artist translates specific elements from her blog ( into exhibition objects and its texts into printed form. In the same way as Scrollwork sometimes resembles acanthus leaves, sometimes an abstract pattern, the exhibition oscillates between objects that tend in different directions and yet still form a coherent whole."
(Severin Dünser, 2012)

Scrollwork publication
Hypoestes, 2012, pigment print, framed
Untitled (Creation Brouge), 2012, acrylic on leather
Batik Sox, 2012 by Michael Part
Various collected objects and textiles
Untitled (Jasmin/Avantgarde/Surrender), 1989/2011 by Nicholas Jasmin
The Pants Tent Pants, 2008, cotton
Color Charts 2011, 2012, slide show, 88 parts

Photos: Johannes Stoll © Belvedere, 2013

Scrollwork, 21er Raum, Vienna 2012−2013
Texts included in the publication Scrollwork (blog)
Texts of the performance Scrollwork lesen at 21er Haus (blog)